The Results are In: Did I Complete My 2018 Bookish Resolutions?

Happy 2019 loves! Personally, I am really looking forward to this year. 2018 was really great for me and I’m starting this year with a positive outlook. I have some great plans and ideas for myself for this year (not all reading related!) and I’m really excited about them. However, today I’d like to dramatically flash back to a year ago when I set myself some bookish New Year’s Resolutions and determine whether or not I actually completed, well, any of them. Let’s see, shall we?

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Erin’s 2018 New Year’s Bookish Resolutions

  1. Read 70 (or more) books. For the past two years, I’ve set my Goodreads Reading Goal at 50 and have passed it both times. In 2017, I made it to 68 books, and that was with a huge gap of time during the summer when I didn’t read anything at all. So, with the new addition in my life that is the fact I no longer have to be distracted by university, I know I can make it to 70 books. (It’s only the end of January and I’m at 9 so far, so I’m feeling a little cocky at the moment.)
  2. Re-read Harry Potter. I have a secret. The secret is that I haven’t read Harry Potter since high school. Which, if you knew me at all growing up, is basically a scandal. I lived off of the series. I built a major reputation around it. I started re-reading the Philosopher’s Stone in my first year of university, and I didn’t even get through that because classes were so exhausting and I was just plain tired of reading. Having gotten back into reading the past few years, I need to read them once again (also, my trivia skills are feeling neglected and a wee bit rusty).
  3. Finish reading Jane Eyre. My friend Victoria likes to make fun of the fact that I claim Jane Eyre to be my favourite book (so much that I own several copies of it and have no intention of stopping), and yet I have never actually finished reading it. Judge me all you want, but I have never loved a book in its entirety as much as I loved the fraction of Jane Eyre I read.
  4. Read more of my physical books rather than buying more (or requesting them from the library). Don’t get me wrong – I love libraries. When other children wanted to be doctors and astronauts and firefighters growing up, I wanted to be a librarian. But taking books out impulsively at the library distracts me from my own books, and I have so many that I know I’m just going to love. First my own, then the library (and bookstore). I’ll get to them all eventually.
  5. Re-read my favourite books. For the past several years (basically ever since taking up reading again and starting to be active on Goodreads) I’ve been solely focused on reading books I have never read before. There are so many books out there I haven’t read, I told myself, that I need to get a headstart and that headstart needs to start now. There are over 1100 books on my to-read shelf on Goodreads. That will take me years to complete. But there is comfort in re-reading old favourites, and after neglecting some of my beloveds, they need some attention again.


An Analysis

  1. Read 70 or more books. Hoorah! I did actually complete this goal. In 2018 I read a total of 119 books. That is absolutely insane! I would like to attribute that mainly to the fact that I graduated university and no longer have to have all of my free time dedicated to writing research papers. That number includes a ton of audiobooks, a handful of non-fiction, and loads of wonderful (and some not-so-wonderful) novels. And I couldn’t be prouder. Total so far: 1/5
  2. Re-read Harry Potter. I completed this one too! Well, almost. After abandoning my beloved series for several years, I rediscovered a new way to enjoy my favourite series: through the audiobooks. I listened to them periodically when I was young, but never ever finished them and to be honest, never really considered it “true” reading. I’ve since changed my tune and I’ve enjoyed them in an entirely new way that I hope to revisit (still waiting on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from the library though). Total so far: 2/5
  3. Finish reading Jane Eyre. Yeah, no. Was there really any hope for this? Shoutout to Victoria who knows exactly how full of it I am when it comes to this book. Total so far: still 2/5
  4. Read more of my physical books rather than buying more/getting them from the library. I mean, there’s no real yes or no passing of this goal. It’s a bit more complicated because a lot of the audiobooks I read this year I do own as physical copies as well, but did not read the physical copy at the same time. If we were to count the actual books I pulled off my own shelf and read, that would be…13 books. Okay, maybe not as successful as I had hoped. 2019, hopefully. Total so far: still 2/5. Not looking great.
  5. Re-read my favourite books. 2018 was definitely the year of the re-read! I finally allowed myself to understand that since I will never be able to read every single book in the world, I might as well allow myself to re-read the ones I’ve loved in the past. Out of 119 books read this year, 27 of them were books I had read before.

Final total: 3/5 resolutions completed!

Personally, I would consider that a success. Completing any goal is a success in my books, no matter how small of a goal it may seem to be. I’m still ending this year on a really positive note, and I am determined to smash my reading resolutions for 2019 (which I still have to come up with). Just thinking about it makes me really excited though!

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Did you set yourself any reading resolutions/goals for 2018? Did you complete them?

4 thoughts on “The Results are In: Did I Complete My 2018 Bookish Resolutions?”

  1. Congratulations on achieving your goals. 119 books is amazing! I read Jane Eyre for the first time last year and that’s only because of the audiobook and a buddy read. Otherwise, I don’t think I would’ve made it through that book.

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