Spring is time for new things…right?

After a good four and a half months, it’s time to…change things up a bit!

You thought I was quitting, didn’t you?

Well sorry Mom, but no.

(Actually my mom has always supported me in my book-loving habit, as all good moms should.)

Posting reviews is great, but sometimes I get behind. Mostly that’s because sometimes it takes ages to get through some books. And I don’t feel that all books are deserving of a whole blog post to review because they’re just…meh. So I need some new ideas! New content, yay! Reviews and monthly wrap-ups are fun but they probably get a bit boring after a while, right?

So, I’d like your feedback! What do you like to read on book blogs? Top ten lists? Cover porn? What’s on my immediate TBR? Books I didn’t finish? Books I hate? Themed posts? Discussion posts? Upcoming books I’m excited for?

I’ve been reading my whole life but I have not been blogging nearly as long. It’s difficult when you follow all these amazing blogs and think that you don’t have near the number of skills they have to pull it off.

But I’m finished university (for real this time), and I need inspiration.

YOU are my inspiration. So if you have any commentary on what kinds of things you enjoy reading, I would love to hear about them!

And book recommendations, because as you can see by my Currently-Reading Goodreads list, I’m having trouble sticking to just one.

Happy reading,

Erin xx

Also, ya girl really needs some cool graphics. I’ll work on that.

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